IFDPA UK Dance Championships - Street and Hip Hop Championships
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Street and Hip Hop Dance Championships
IFDPA Street and Hip Hop Championships
Our IFDPA Street and Hip Hop Championships structure is designed to help dancers develop within an environment where they are competing against dancers not only of a similar age but also a similar competition experience level. This not only promotes confidence within a dancer (especially at young ages, who feel more comfortable knowing its a fair competition), but also gives the parents and teachers a clearer perspective on what levels their dancers are at within a group of their true peers.

This relies on dance teachers and parents entering their dancers into the correct age and experience categories. Meaning your dancers are always competing on a fair playing field. Within the rules under “Penalties. Deductions and Disqualifications” it highlights penalties for entering dancers into incorrect categories (solely at the judges discretion) and how this will be handled.

Adaptions may need to be made to our rules, social distancing measures and provision, in accordance with the latest Government guidelines and updates, up to and including the day of the event.

All performances (with more than 1 dancer) must adhere to the latest government social distancing guidelines/advice, as published on the date of the event.

To help us adhere to relevant government social distancing guidelines/advice in changing, holding and performance areas, a maximum of 20 performers for all group and showcase entries is permitted.

A dancer cannot compete against themselves in any category (for example a school may enter several different group entries into one age category, but no dancer can feature in more than one group per age category).

Performer/Competitor Fees
£20 per person for each Solo entry
£20 per person for each Crew entry

Street and Hip Hop Dance Championships

Age and Experience Definitions
• Primary - 3 to 7 years*
• Junior - 8 to 12 years
• Senior - 13 years and above

Competition Experience Categories
• Beginner - 0 to 3 Competitions
• Intermediate - 4 to 7
• Competitions Advanced - 8 Competitions and above

Street and Hip Hop Dance Championships

• Beginners - Primary Street/Hip Hop Solos
• Beginners - Junior Street/Hip Hop Solos
• Beginners - Senior Street/Hip Hop Solos
• Intermediate - Junior Street/Hip Hop Solos
• Intermediate - Senior Street/Hip Hop Solos
• Advanced - Junior Street/Hip Hop Solos
• Advanced - Senior Street/Hip Hop Solos

• Beginners - Primary Street/Hip Hop Crews
• Beginners - Junior Street/Hip Hop Crews
• Beginners - Senior Street/Hip Hop Crews
• Intermediate - Junior Street/Hip Hop Crews
• Intermediate - Senior Street/Hip Hop Crews
• Advanced - Junior Street/Hip Hop Crews
• Advanced - Senior Street/Hip Hop Crews

Click here to download the IFDPA UK Dance Championships Terms and Conditions

Click HERE to complete the IFDPA Street and Hip Hop Championships Information and entry form

Street and Hip Hop Dance Championships

IFDPA Street and Hip Hop Definition
Street and Hip Hop is a style of dance developed from urban dance crews and groups outside of the formality of the dance schools. Now embraced by the modern dance community Street and Hip Hop feature exciting and explosive moves and acrobatics designed originally to win battles and challenges. Mainly performed to underground R and B and hip hop music this dance form can include various disciplines including popping, locking and breaking as well as embracing all other modern and emerging dance forms.

Street and Hip Hop Dance Championships

Competition Experience Levels
To create a fair competition environment and help with development of dancers within the IFDPA Street and Hip Hop competition structure we have introduced “Experience Level” based categories as well as age groups.

Experience level categories are defined by the amount of competition experience a dancer has rather than their age. Meaning that not only physical development (what the age groups take into account) but also competition experience (the ability to perform under pressure) is taken into account. This gives the dancer who may be of a certain age, but has less/more experience as part of competitions the chance to compete within a fairer structure and acts as a guide for parents and teachers as to which category to place their dancers within.

We feel “Competition Experience” is a good indicator of not only the confidence and skill levels of the dancer, but also the amount of time they have been dancing, and when coupled with age categories gives the fairest representation for competitors.

We understand that the indicators we have chosen may not fit all dancers, so If dancers wish they may “level up” if they feel their experience levels are higher and want to compete at a higher level, but will be judged based on the category experience level they have chosen to enter.

Roxity Dance Championships

How to choose which category to enter into
1. Choose the relevant age grouping (age categories are strict for both solo and group entries)
2. Choose the relevant experience level (we allow a little flexibility for different experience levels within crew entries, see note below with guidelines for crew entries with various experience levels)

Solo Example
A dancer aged 10 years old who has already undertaken 5 performances in competitions or shows would enter the INTERMEDIATE JUNIORS category.

Crew Example
We understand that your crew entries may be made up of various experience levels and that it is beneficial to lesser experienced dancers to become part of higher level crews to develop their skills. With this in mind we ask that a minimum ratio of 4:1 (or 80%) of the crew dancers are of the applicable experience level they are entering.

For example in a crew entering the Junior Intermediate crew category with five dancers, four of the dancers would need to have the intermediate 3 to 6 performance experience level. One of the dancers can be of a lesser experience level BUT NOT OF A HIGHER. This gives you chance to integrate less experienced dancers into your crews to help them develop, but not take a unfair advantage by integrating higher level dancers. Please note that the crew will be judged on a whole based on the category experience level they have chosen to enter, therefore it is in our interest when possible to have crews with dancers of a similar level.

Roxity Dance Championships

*Primary Age Group - The primary age group can only enter as “beginners” and are categorised purely according to their age. This means that younger dancers can enjoy the competition structure and gain experience, but until they reach a certain age (and physical development) are not put under undue pressure to be of a certain level as a dancer regardless of the amount of times they have performed, leaving them to enjoy the experience.
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