IFDPA UK Dance Championships - Solo and Duo Open
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Solo Duo Open
IFDPA Solo/Duo Open Championships
Available for Solos and Duos, the 'Open Dance' Championships has been designed to welcome dancers from all styles and genres, any dancer competing at IFDPA can now enter a solo and a duo, with no limits on number of entrants from each school! Dancers can compete to win our IFDPA Primary, Juniors, and Seniors titles. Giving all dance styles not represented in our IFDPA Dance Championships the chance to compete! Be it Scottish Highland Dance, Irish Dancing, Freestyle, Sequence, Jive or Latin, or Fusion Gymnastics, 'Open Dance' can accommodate any style not covered in the other sections.

Adaptions may need to be made to our rules, social distancing measures and provision, in accordance with the latest Government guidelines and updates, up to and including the day of the event.

All performances (with more than 1 dancer) must adhere to the latest government social distancing guidelines/advice, as published on the date of the event.

To help us adhere to relevant government social distancing guidelines/advice in changing, holding and performance areas, a maximum of 20 performers for all group and showcase entries is permitted.

A dancer cannot compete against themselves in any category.

Performer/Competitor Fees
£20 per person for each Solo entry
£20 per person for each Duo entry

Solo Duo Open

IFDPA Solo and Duo Age/Category Definitions

Primary - Ages 3 to 7 Years
• Primary Solo Open Dance
• Primary Duo Open Dance

Junior Ages 8 Years to 12 Years
• Junior Solo Open Dance
• Junior Duo Open Dance

Senior Ages 13 Years and over
• Senior Solo Open Dance
• Senior Duo Open Dance

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Solo Duo Open

Open Dance Definition
IFDPA would like to invite dancers from all styles to compete in a magical, friendly environment. The 'Open Dance' section has been designed to welcome dancers from styles that are usually restricted to their own competitions or struggle to fit into regular dance categories.

Be it Scottish Highland Dance, Irish Dancing, Freestyle, Sequence, Jive or Latin, Fusion Gymnastics. Following in the footsteps of popular TV style competitions bringing together all forms of dance IFDPA now offers this unique 'Open Dance' category to give everyone the chance to compete! With sections open to solos, duos and groups!

Solo Duo Open

• Open Dance Solo and Duo entries can comprise any style from the other sections and can be a combination of those styles.
• Open Dance can accommodate any style not covered in the other sections.
• No pointe shows allowed in Primary and Junior Section, they can only be worn in the Senior Section and by dancers aged 13 years and over (cannot be worn by dancers who are dancing to higher age category whose age is less than 13 years).
• For gymnastic or acrobatic entries or any entries with such content please be aware that there will be no special or matted flooring available.
• No singing is permitted.

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